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released January 18, 2016

Written, performed and recorded by Eddy Leemongie


all rights reserved



The Rebel Signal Toronto, Ontario

Songwriter influenced by the classics like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Guns N Roses, Snakepit, Rhino Bucket and modern acts like The Bronx, Hellacopters and Black Star Riders.

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Track Name: Anarchy
part of me wants anarchy
release the rage I have in me
and break the only shape
they keep on forcing me to fit

part of me wants to believe
the only change will come from me
but everyone always forgets
freedom doesn't come for free

you can not trade your freedom if it isn't yours to trade
you can not take it back if you just gave it away
you can not save yourself you're probably already too late
you're probably already too late to save yourself
you're already too late

part of me just don't belong
mediocrity is wrong
you just wanna get the silver
I just wanna get the gold

part of me cannot feel pain
for the prisoner in chains
giving up his freedom
and learning how to love restrain
Track Name: Gasoline
walking down the streets baby you've never seen
modern man, a monkey with no gray in between
baby I don't wanna play your make believe, I'm down

looking at your face calling me to the fray
I'm betting all my money cause I'm willing to play
maybe I just wanna see how you misbehave, I'm down

call your sister gasoline
you're the fire burning twins
I see bouncing trampolines
I'm going down down down

you better take away, you're making me pay
another glance, another shot in the brain
I'm running dry but you are making me stay, I'm down

another curse, another round in the streets
another run and gun, you're shot in the seats
but baby if you wanna go for repeats, I'm down
Track Name: Marlboro Man
I got a feeling and I know it's concrete blues
I'm not in heaven I'm in hell I'm paying dues
but baby you don't have a clue

I always felt like I don't belong in here
and I don't wanna be a lawyer or an engineer
I rather die or disappear


I really need to go
find a place where I belong
but only god knows I was born to run

baby don't make plans
I won't take your hand
cause in the end I am Marlboro man

I don't get why you wanna be society's tool
in the end it's just a game and you are playing the fool
but you don't need me telling you

it is so funny when you tell me to behave
but you're the one digging for gold inside your grave
but I just need to get away
Track Name: HUNT
whatever happened to the girls
whatever happened to the cars
we lost the danger in our hearts

we used to be living the life we believed
but people are losing the will to be free
and it's over

we'll never have another
we'll never be the same
we'll never have another James

the last of womanizers
the last to leave the game
we'll never have another James

whatever happened to the smokes
whatever happened to the sex
I don't believe that its all in the past

the prude and the tame are behind the wheels
and the corporate men, they are paying the bills
now it's over
Track Name: Still Standing
another newsman I don't call him my friend
he's telling I'm dead but I'm not near the end
so many people have announced my death
but I'm still around I'm just not in the flesh

I'm still standing, I'm still standing on my own
and I don't need you, I can find my way back home
cause I'm on my own

another business man is having his way
will sell his brother just as long as it pays
it's bad for business if you stay on the top
let's fall so hard we make a hole on the floor

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